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Work Injury Compensation Maidstone

Accidents occur at the workplace more than anywhere else, almost half of all accidents that occur happen in the workplace. If you have been involved in an accident at work and sustained an injury as a result, contact us we can help you and give you professional legal advice. No win no fee.

Our expert solicitors have a great deal of experience with work injury compensation claims. Most people that have suffered injury from an accident at work are reluctant or scared to put in a claim because they worry about the possible repercussions of taking the employers that they are working for to court. All employers are obliged by law to have an Employer's Liability insurance which should cover them if an employee is injured whilst at work or in the work place. As a result most employers will simply pass on the claim to their insurers to deal with. Action can rightfully be taken against any employers that have discriminated against employees because they are pursuing a compensation claim against them.

What to do if you have been involved in an accident at work?

  • Report any accident to a Manager and make sure that it is recorded in the accident book.
  • You should check your written statement of employment or contract for information about sick pay or accident pay.
  • Try to sort out any disputes with your employer.
  • Point out any health and safety problems you notice at work to your employer or to the health and safety representative and ask them to be dealt with and corrected.
  • If you have suffered a significant injury make sure the employer has reported it to HSE.

Accidents in Construction

Working on a construction site or building site can be very dangerous; there are many hazards that can cause accidents. Many accidents sustained at work on a construction or building site consist of falling materials, electrical faults, collapsing trenches and foundations, working with power tools or on scaffolding, faulty lifts and hoists, people that work in close proximity to each other and the movement of internal construction site traffic. Many of the injuries at work compensation claims we deal with are slipping or tripping, being injured by dangerous machinery, or due to clients or materials falling from heights.

Crane Accident Compensation Claim

Cranes are often crucial in building or construction work especially for large scale operations where machinery is necessary as physical strength alone is insufficient. They are used everyday around the UK, mainly in the construction industry but also less commonly in oil rigs, the mining industry, light and heavy engineering and in the maritime industry. Although accidents involving cranes are very rare, when an accident does occur it can have fatal outcomes or cause serious injuries.

There are several different reasons why accidents involving cranes at work occur, here are a few reasons that we have come across.

  • Faults or defects with the crane itself.
  • Cranes collapsing.
  • The crane making contact with over head power lines.
  • Objects falling from the crane onto people below.
  • Human errors made whilst assembling, disassembling or rigging the crane.
  • Errors and misunderstandings in signalling and crane control movement procedures.
  • The crane and loads coming into to contact with other structures including scaffolding and buildings.

Accidents involving cranes are also caused or worsened by high winds, the speed at which the crane is moving and the height at which it is being used.

Regular risk assessments need to be carried out to ensure all employees or subcontractors are working in a safe environment. Training also needs to be given to the crane operators and the persons responsible for slinging, securing and locating the load. The crane equipment has to be inspected and maintained regularly and everyone working in the vicinity of a crane should be wearing the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) such as hard hats, high visibility jackets and safety boots. Regardless of whether you were the crane operator, a worker on the ground below or a member of public, if you have suffered an injury you can get free no win no claim advice from our solicitors here at David Stinson & Co solicitors in Kent. Call us today regarding any queries you may have.

An Accident at Work in the Armed Forces

The most common cases dealt with concerning accidents at work in army, navy or RAF are:

  • Asbestos claims against the Ministry of Defence.
  • Clinical negligence compensation claims for military personnel.
  • Military multi party actions.
  • Personal injuries in the UK and abroad for military personnel.
  • Road accident injuries for military personnel.

The Ministry of Defence may be required to pay compensation where injuries are suffered due to negligence, although not in combat situations.

So you have had an accident at work and believe you may be entitled to compensation - what next?

If you have been in an accident at work and have been injured and it was the fault of your employer or a work colleague, we can help you make a totally free compensation claim for your accident at work. When you use David Stinson & Co solicitors in Kent there is no risk to you and our service is friendly but professional, ensuring we provide you with the best service to achieve a successful outcome to your compensation claim.

Our success rate is extremely high and our specialist solicitor can handle a complete range of work related accidents. Because we offer a no win, no fee arrangement even if you do not win your claim for compensation, which is very unlikely, you will not have to part with a penny! If you do win your compensation claim 100% of the compensation awarded to you will be yours.

To find out more about making a no win, no fee accident at work claim, get in touch with our injury at work compensation experts in Kent today.

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