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Injury Compensation Kings Hill

Getting compensation for injuries resulting from accidents in Kings Hill where you were not at fault, from whiplash to clinical negligence, David Stinson & Co Solicitors in Kent are here to give you honest, professional advice.

Our trained personal injury specialist solicitor will get you the compensation for your injury that you deserve, from minor whiplash injuries to more serious brain damage, amputation or spinal injuries. With our experience we aim to get you the maximum possible injury compensation. If you are suffering from an injury that was not your fault, whilst at work, on a road, from a defective product or from negligence whilst at a medical establishment, our experienced specialist personal injury solicitors will be able to give you the clear, honest advice without any cost to you!

Workplace Injury Compensation

We have helped hundreds of people who have had non-fault personal injuries claim many thousands of pounds of injury compensation as a result of negligence in the workplace. If you have had an injury whilst at work and are now suffering, contact our specialist Solicitor for a no-obligation, friendly, free advice as to whether you have a claim for injury compensation. A few examples of injuries caused in the work place:

  • Repetitive Strain Injury Compensation
  • Slip or Fall Injury Compensation
  • Neck Injury Compensation
  • Hypertension Injury Compensation

If you are suffering from an injury that has occurred whilst at work, give our specialist solicitor a call today to discuss your claim.

Defective Product Injury Compensation Kings Hill

We regularly buy all kinds of products making the assumption that they have been properly tested and are safe to use, however despite these checks, some products fall through the net and can cause serious injury through no fault of your own. A simple example of where you are eligible to claim injury compensation would be if you had bought a toaster and through normal operation by you or someone else of that toaster in the way that is expected, it malfunctions and causes an injury. In such circumstances you would be eligible for injury compensation.

If you have had a personal injury or another person using your product has suffered from an injury, you should first report the accident to the person responsible within a reasonable time frame. It is important to keep a log of all details in a book or journal so that as you proceed you will have clear documentation including the date and time of the occurrence. Depending upon the circumstances, take names and addresses of witnesses where possible and take photos of the defective product. You must retain the receipt or warranty documents with the product purchase and keep all receipts for expenses incurred resulting from the defective product. And finally, give us a call and we will help you to make your claim for injury compensation without any financial cost to you. We will give you honest advice as to how to proceed and aim to get you the maximum compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

Medical Negligence Injury Compensation

Injuries resulting from clinical negligence come in many forms: if you have had an undiagnosed fracture, are suffering from the result of a surgical error, or have been given the wrong diagnosis it is possible that the Doctor concerned has been guilty of negligence or mistake, so you are likely to have a claim for injury compensation. Some of the main types of injury resulting from clinical negligence includes: birth injuries, misdiagnosis of fractures or illness, resulting in suffering of needless side-effects or unnecessary prolonged illness, surgical errors both serious and minor and general clinical negligence. If you are unsure whether you or someone you know has a claim for injury compensation, we will give you honest advice about your claim and how you should proceed. Whether you choose to proceed or not, it will cost you absolutely nothing for an initial interview about your potential claim. Furthermore, we offer no-win-no-fee arrangements in many claims for medical negligence, which can remove the financial burden to you as they can be fiercely defended by medical establishments. So it is important to choose our specialist personal injury solicitor who has years of experience dealing with clinical negligence injury compensation claims.

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